Fr. Lenny’s Sermon – Teaching on Healing 1

What is healing? This past Wednesday evening we began a series about healing tackling that very question. Reflecting on Matthew 21:18-22, we considered what healing is. I forgot to record it at the time so please read the Scripture, listen to the post-recorded reflection, and offer the prayer for gifts of healing below.


Prayer for Gifts of Healing

Father of creation, it is your good will that all things be restored through the work of your incarnate, crucified, and risen Son. By the same Spirit that brought back Jesus from the dead and inspired your apostles to preach the Good News with signs of your kingdom accompanying, grant us the grace, wisdom, and love we need to pray for the healing of others. And show forth your power to heal those for whom we pray, in all areas of their life, so that they might enjoy your goodness, gratefully worship you, and boldly proclaim your message of hope. And for those who do not know, love, or serve you, let these answered prayers serve as added proofs that your Word is true and your love is boundless. We ask this in the strong name of Jesus. Amen.

Fr. Lenny’s Sermon – Teaching on Healing 1

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