4th Sunday in Eastertide & Prayer for Extraordinary Grace

I’ve had some people ask about the 7 practices and the ending prayer in my sermon. The following “Prayer for Extraordinary Grace” captures both. Also, of course, at the very bottom is the service from Sunday for your spiritual edification.

Gracious Lord, we are ordinary sinners in need of extraordinary grace.  So trusting in you, Triune God—who made us, redeemed us, and restores all things back to yourself—we gather to hear, reflect, share a meal (at least by faith), and pray.  We seek to know Christ as he is revealed in Scripture, in the breaking of bread, and in one another. 

Equip us in soul and body to become a fellowship of common saints, growing in grace each day as we commit to:

  • daily prayer,
  • weekly worship,
  • cheerful and covenantal giving,
  • a regular cycle of reading the whole Bible,
  • constant invitation and welcome to those outside the Church,
  • weekly service to both the Church and the needy, and
  • monthly accountability with fellow common saints. 

In the strong name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.


4th Sunday of Easter

4th Sunday in Eastertide & Prayer for Extraordinary Grace

One thought on “4th Sunday in Eastertide & Prayer for Extraordinary Grace

  1. Deborah Voorhees says:

    Information on a good spiritual director in this area would be a blessing.
    Thanks, I appreciated your message, no one talks about rule of life very often. Hope to see you after work tomorrow to drop off masks.


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