Micro-Sermon: Beatitudes – Poor in Spirit

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:4)

What is your spiritual shape these days? As we go deeper into the type of isolation necessary to keep us safe during this pandemic, many are coming face to face with just how sparse their own spiritual resources have been. As born sinners, we start out with a spiritual deficit that is insurmountable. And when we live life according to strict secularism and materialism that dominates the culture at large, we develop habits of isolation from church, prayer, Scripture, even unrequited service to others that further deepen our spiritual chasm. This leaves us with the anticipated psychological breakdown manifesting as suicide, depression, and debilitating levels of loneliness.

However, Jesus blesses those in such a deficit. He offers forgiveness through the cross and power to overcome sin by his Spirit. He brings us into a new community, a new family in his Church. He equips with tools like Word and sacrament, prayer and outreach to others in word and deed with his message of love – giving us purpose and deepening connection to him and and others. And most of all, he promises never leave us or forsake. We are eternally his as rest rest in his promises.

Gracious Lord, thank you for being my wealth in the midst of my spiritual poverty.

Micro-Sermon: Beatitudes – Poor in Spirit

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