Fr. Lenny’s Sermon – First Sunday in Lent – 2018

This Lent, the lectionary bring’s us through God’s covenants in our OT lessons – beginning with Noah. We are reminded that though he doesn’t need us, our Lord loves us and will make sure sin doesn’t destroy his good creation. That’s why he make covenants with us. (Our catechism reminds us of this, too.)

Fr. Lenny’s Sermon – First Sunday in Lent – 2018

Fr. Lenny’s Sermon & Bonus Poem – Christmas Eve – 2017

Sore throat, but still preached from St Paul’s letter to Titus in the lectionary. Jesus came to save, and he saved us out of love. Merry Christmas! (P.S. Enjoy the poem based on the letter to the Hebrews appointed for Christmas III below the sermon! Forgive the double-spacing; can’t change it on WordPress.)

Who Is This Jesus? (Christmas Day – Hebrews 1:1-4)

Who is this Jesus?

Who is this babe?

The Son of Mary?

The Son of God?

He is the one of whom prophets wrote,

Of whom through their words, our Father spoke.

He is the heir and Son Most High,

Who has made all things both far and nigh.

He is the radiance that comes from God,

His very stamped image deserving of laud.

He is the One who upholds the world,

The Word that keeps all things from coming unfurled.

He is sits at God’s right hand, enthroned above,

Whose blood bought forgiveness through his great love.

Above all the angels, his own name exceeds

All creatures in heaven or earth who owe creeds.

Here is this Jesus!

Here is this babe!

The sure Son of Mary.

The true Son of God.

Fr. Lenny’s Sermon & Bonus Poem – Christmas Eve – 2017